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Vasisthasana or Inclined Plank
Vasistha the best

Most of us will simply know this pose as Inclined Plank pose. This asana has a lot of strength and balance, which is no surprise if we look at the heritage of the word Vasistha. In Hindu mythology Vasistha was the chief of seven venerated sages and the rajaguru of the Solar Dynasty. He was famous for subduing the armies of the Viswamitra; and he had possession of the divine cow Nandini, who was able to grant anything to her owner. Now you may not get anything you want by practicing Vasisthasana, but you will help your body, mind and spirit.

Preparation and Pose Tips
Start in Plank, Chaturangasana. Now turn your body to the right in such a way that your support your body weight on the outside edge of your left foot and your left arm. Your main body remains straight. Your left hand is flat on the floor. Your right hand is raised straight up with palm facing the direction of your body. If you can comfortably turn your head and look up at your raised hand, do so. (photo Vasisthasana). You can return down to plank before moving to the other side.

Vasisthasana strengthens your arms and abdomen

Advanced or Partner
If you are an advanced practitioner and want a little challenge you can raise your top leg up at a 45 degree angle to hold the pose.

Vasisthasana is a sixth chakra pose

Do not do this pose if you have any sort of neck or lower back problem.

Hold for three to five breaths.

Recovery and Counterpose
You can use Balasana, child pose, to recover.

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